When I was a kid I remember finding a big silver case in my parents closet, which contained a Nikon camera. Even without any film in the camera I use to take out in the backyard and discovered a whole new world through the lens of that camera. What started out as a hobby has grown into a lifelong love affair with photography. Let’s face it, is there any better feeling than seeing a picture years later and it still makes you smile or laugh? My journey into professional photography started after I attended school for graphic design. I enjoyed graphic design and it is invaluable to my editing process but my love of photography was ignited when I worked and took pictures for a relief organization in Europe. Upon returning to the States I decided to pursue my passion. I would love to meet and hear about your story and the memories you need captured.  So, if you would like to entrust me with your special memories, Email me today [email protected]


Fun Facts:


When I am not behind the camera or in the editing room. You would most likely find me doing one of these things.


Spending time with my Husband


Watching Movies


Collecting Refrigerator magnets from the places I travel

Star Gazing

Traveling and Exploring New Places

Drawing and Sketching

Listening to Music